Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Russian Ark

                      " I come with the wind,
                        flow with the water,
                        and leave with the storm.”

                                               Ivan Peev

Not in abstraction
nor in cold-eyed reflection,
nor in tears or regret or forgetfulness,
and least of all in sadness—
to hold nothing dear
but one another,
living and dying as one,
like the great animal of being,
growling like an earthquake
far underground,
coursing side by side
as Poseidon's horses,
rolling like Russian sailors
and making seafarers of us all,
children of the same sky,
creatures of the same ark,
sidewiding like serpents
over two lost legs....

E. A. Costa   31 March, 2016  Granada, Nicaragua

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Federico García Lorca: Alba/ Dawn

Mi corazón oprimido
Siente junto a la alborada
El dolor de sus amores
Y el sueño de las distancias.
La luz de la aurora lleva
Semilleros de nostalgias
Y la tristeza sin ojos
De la médula del alma.
La gran tumba de la noche
Su negro velo levanta
Para ocultar con el día
La inmensa cumbre estrellada.

¡Qué haré yo sobre estos campos
Cogiendo nidos y ramas
Rodeado de la aurora
Y llena de noche el alma!
¡Qué haré si tienes tus ojos
Muertos a las luces claras
Y no ha de sentir mi carne
El calor de tus miradas!
¿Por qué te perdí por siempre
En aquella tarde clara?
Hoy mi pecho está reseco
Como una estrella apagada.

Federico García Lorca


My crushed heart,
one with daybreak and aubade,
feels the grief of lost loves
and its dream of faraways.
Dawn's light conjures up
seedbeds of past agony
and the eyeless sadness
at my soul's very core.
The grand tomb of night
lifts its black veil only to secret away
with day its huge & spangled dome.

What will I do over these fields
gathering nests and branches,
surrounded by sunrise
and with a soul full of night?

What will I do if you keep
your eyes dead to light
and my flesh cannot feel
the warmth of your glances?

Why did I lose you forever
in that one bright, transparent afternoon?
Today my breast is parched through
like a quenched star.


E. A. Costa  27 March, 2016  Beverly Shores, Indiana
N.B.: "La alborada" in Spanish means both daybreak and 
also an aubade, which includes a form about the parting of lovers
at daybreak. Aubade is also more directly "albada". Here it seems
clear enough the poet, with brilliant ambiguity, refers to both
daybreak and the poetic and musical form, a kind of serenade
--thus the translation.