Saturday, November 28, 2015

東: Dayrise Through Poplars/ Madrugada entre los álamos

Dayrise through poplars
sinless, straight and ever young:
like geometry.

E. A. Costa, 28 November, 2015 San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

東: Madrugada entre los álamos

Madrugada entre los álamos
puros, erguidos y siempre jóvenes
como geometría.

tr. E. A. Costa
Note: The Chinese character (here old form) dong is a graph of the sun rising behind a tree. Note also that in Spanish erguidir, from which erguido, which is applied mainly to posture, is derived from the Latin erigere—or ex plus regere, and from the root of the latter also the Spanish recto and derecho. The English observes the so-called syllabic rules of the haiku. In Spanish no attempt at that is made, beyond concision.  A preliminary and different version of this was published online in regard to the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam's ("The Admiralty"), in which the poplar is prominent, though with a much different thrust.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Autumn in San Juan del Sur/ Otoño en San Juan del Sur

Out of bright transparent air
descends a swarm of cloudless sulphur butterflies,
gyring and fluttering to the strand
like leaves in meteoric autumn.

As quickly as they fall wings reborn
fly up from the sand and off,
for here there is no autumn--
only milky-toothed summer surf
forever smiling in warm foam.

E. A. Costa November 16, 2015  San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Otoño en San Juan Del Sur

Se cae del aire brillante y claro
un enjambre de mariposas de azufre cristalino,
girando y ondeando como hojas en otoño meteórico.

Tan pronto como besan la playa
flotan como alas arriba y se vuelan,
porque aquí no hay ningún otoño--
sólo cachones de estío con colmillos lechosos
que ríen sin fin en la espuma cálida.

Tr. E. A. Costa

N.B: Phoebis Sennae, commonly called the "cloudless sulphur
butterfly" in English (mariposa de azufre cristalino), in Spanish
simply "Febo".