Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vitruvia Nova

Vitruvia Nova

This is the new temple,

four quadrants of sky still curious and blue.

Cloaked with leaves by the sea, mother of all,

be she of marble on the sere beach,

waxed nude in every crevice

and standing shy with glowing leaves.

She breathes devices so far distant now--

in the next step by a stranger

beyond the anger that fed us,

beyond the softness and smiles

that healed, beyond the bed

of every day myths, delighting

in wild and different notions.

Only yesterday is the line time of encircling ocean

smiling from here to here.

Some lives grow gold and that is a way of finding them.

Others rush forward in a mad crowd on the strand

when one tries to remember which day

appeared on the sand loveliest and far graced.

Was she youngest and most patient?

Was she wisest and most ancient?

Was she most treacherous and loyal,

straight-laced and most royal,

lecherous and most unspoiled?

This is a new temple,

four quadrants of still curious blue.

What shall we do?

[copyright EAC 2010]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Beautiful art and poetry..lovely image and written word.