Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ballad (Parmi colonnes)

Ballad (Parmi colonnes)

So long them ago, so long ago,
So tunes among the ruins:

(a) poor loony villain off to Angers
(shall we)

in sharded malignity
(shall we)

cursing and blaspheming
(shall we)

she in clashing register with punk hair
looking merry window in Japanese
beyond grand compassion.

Or (b)

Riding one in front, one in rear
(shall we)

on dear absent-minded mount (bumpity, bumpity)
(shall we)

biding time with Peking duck
(shall we)

murderer of orgasms in small hot drips
with curling lips sans mercy.

Or (c)

some small gesture in parting, amants martirs,
unthrifty say--a last hot meal
before the chair
with champagne vintaged
in tears and troubles.

Mademoiselle, parlez-vous?

owning up at least like honest honeyed cat
(shall we)

our desiring machines well-laved in one long sure purr
(shall we)

cheek to cheek like fur-bearing mammals with pure shaved skin
(shall we)?

[copyright EAC 2010]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

All fine and intriguing 'poetries' and art that enchants as well !!