Saturday, October 16, 2010

Delirium (Invocation Of Garcia Lorca)

Delirium (Invocation Of Garcia Lorca)

On the thirteenth of October

the poet arrives in Argentina

with his luggage of sun and sea,

frightening the rain of Chile into silence.

Where did the gloom go?

Is it hidden damp and plotting in a copper mine?

In the stadium

on the nineteenth day of August

the poet is killed in the shade

of high summer.

He disappears leaving eighteen.

His body is eaten to transparency in the acid of the air.

He is a butterfly with razor blade wings.

When Dali, dressed to the nines, gets word the poet is dead

he shouts: “"OlĂ©!" The bull has won!”

His outspread arms are imprinted on the sand.

He sings like a Spanish guitar.

He laughs at black bayonets.

He is a flamboyant dresser with pneumatic pantaloons.

His suit of lights glows into the darkness of the next half century.

He worries about Mickey Mouse.

The cockroaches fear his arrival in the underworld.

They read his obituary.

They shiver.

They scurry into darkness.

[Fragment from "The Death Of Neruda" Copyright EAC 2010]
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