Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shopping List

She said: diecisiete.

He looked at the strange
fruit on the counter

He fumbled for change.

He repeated: diecisiete?

She nodded.

She took diecisiete
out of his hand
coin by coin.

Very gently he touched
the fruit.

He said: KS—tuna?

She said: guanabana.

He said: guanabana?

She nodded.

For the first time
in two years she
smiled warmly.

Seventeen is dear
for a can of 7Up
but it was very cold.

He said: gracias.

He walked away

He could tell
she was thinking

Curious and not as simple

as he appears.

E. A. Costa 28 April, 2015 San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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