Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Catechism Of Venus

                     ...rerum naturae sola gubernas...

Who is Venus?

Born grown and whole out of the mind and wind of Zeus her skin of sea is like a tree endlessly branching into an illusion of final surface.

What  is Venus' mien?

Shimmering joy of sky her eyes, breasts full and lolling, lascivious thighs and hips inviting an infinity of fathoming.

What is the essence of Venus' divinity?

She is the solar furnace who concentrates rays of desire out of vacuum, creating all about to be.

What is Venus' role in the nature of things?

She is the playful ghost limb of a universe that rises and subsides with the tides--the moved through of every mover--she is purest, lewdest, most alluring mother and the antimatter of the cosmos' fiery pasts and futures.

Is Venus a virgin?

No. She is married with children.

Who is Venus' husband?

Vulcan the smith.

How many children do they have?

None. Venus has numerous children, among them Cupid (by Mars) and Fortuna (by Hermes or Zeus). She was also the mother of Aeneas by Anchises.

Does Venus have a cult?

Yes. Venus is courted by all gamblers as the highest winning throw in dice....

E. A. Costa 27 May, 2015 Granada, Nicaragua

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