Thursday, March 27, 2014

Death Of A Poetry Generator

As every child knows who has ever owned
an articulated toy, articulation has its limits...”

                                                (Pablo Gervás)

From the tree
adjoining grammar
hang electronic tongues
humming binaries
of despair:

does not

So hellish tag,
long ago elled and held

Approach now this easy task
and bask as laureate in golden

humming humming humming

until the power is cut
and the distance algorithm
bites the surface of the sea
drowning measured isomorphisms
like rats and sailors.

Mere peasants
gather drift wood
on electric shores
scavenging platinum
for their hollow teeth.

She bathing
nude in sweet water

She bathing
nude in sweet water

She bathing
nude in sweet water....

Order now the spectrum search
goal-directed to uncover syntax.

Order now the evaluation functions
that measure stress among genes.

Order now your propositional
semantics & sublet the machine to say
one beautiful word like

amor-roma or cellar door or

die one more smiling death
with pistol in the air

capturing a lagoon of

you programmers
suicide from grief

that poetasters
who create knots in sheepskin cape
and long-daggered

shot the young Lermontov through
the heart

on his endless turntable

bleeding needles.

E. A. Costa 27 March 2014 Granada, Nicaragua

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