Sunday, February 1, 2015


                                  "Je est un autre."

When you ring:

Don't call me Tuesday
(I am closer to Friday or Saturday
in rolling a streak of sevens).

Don't call me Ishmael
(I am more akin to Mocha Dick,
spermatozoic and hungry for leg).

Don't call me Sapiens
(I have never been wise
and am more of an ass man,
cargoed and Cleanthic).

Don't call me egocentric 
(I am very practiced at vain
and much more moi than je).

Don't call me distant or obscure
(I am only far away by telephone
and obscure in seeming sure).

Don't call me a taxi
(I am nearer a tractor trailer
with fourteen wheels and Peterbilt).

Don't call me cruel and heartless
(meet me under the arch of the whores
when the shadow of the bell tower
touches your French doors).

In fact don't call at all. Come.

E. A. Costa  from "If Love", 2005--2015  1 February, 2015 San Juan del Sur,  Nicaragua

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