Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Learned Gecko/ El geco erudito

Mr. Gecko wriggles sigmoid functions
up the wall,

scampers across the ceiling
and on my keyboard falls.

He freezes, looks at every letter,
then sss's off.

E. A. Costa

El geco erudito

Señor Geco dibuja funciones sigmoides
por la pared,

y correteando a través del cielo
en mi teclado cae.

Se para congelado, mirando cada letra,
y luego—se escapa eSSSeando...

(tr. EAC)

E. A. Costa 8 February, 2016  Granada, Nicaragua
N.B. As far as one knows "esear" is a neologism, or if one
 prefers, a nonce word, in Spanish--here used to render "sss's",
which is also not a formally recognized word in English, but
is now and then heard.  "Esear" is ese (S) verbized and should
mean as these things go, "to make or move in an S-shaped way".
One added two more S's to it to fit the English.

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