Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jim Harrison: Where Is Jim Harrison?/ ¿Dónde está Jim Harrison?

He fell off the cliff of a seven-inch zafu.
He couldn’t get up because of his surgery.
He believes in the Resurrection mostly
because he was never taught how not to.

Jim Harrison

Dónde está Jim Harrison?

Cayó de un precipicio de un almohadón
que tuvo siete pulgadas de ancho.
No podía tenerse en pie debido a la cirugía.
En la resurrección él todavia tiene fé
porque nadie nunca le enseñó cómo no...


E. A. Costa   May 12, 2016   Granada, Nicaragua
Note: A zafu (Japanese: 座蒲) is a round cushion for sitting on the floor,
well-known in the West for its use in Zen meditation. It is to be noted that
the "mostly" in the original engineers an elegant amphiboly. Ordinarily it would
be read as "mostly because" but Harrison has put the line break after it, suggesting
it might apply also to the "resurrection". The play, in effect, also brings a cunningly
ambiguous cryptotype to the surface, that is, adjectival "most" as an adverb
 ("extremely" and in American English also "almost"), Though this is difficult
or impossible to duplicate in another language,  at most, if very craftily, it highlights 
the ambiguity inherent in the rest of the two lines. 

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