Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rowing Through Wyoming

Dedicado al estimado Señor Gilberto Lacayo Bermúdez,
hombre de una visión grande y panorámica--de las ciencias
y las matemáticas a la  filosofía y la poesía.

                 " Portraying the future is a vast and aesthetic 
                   enterprise of amassing beauties--from outer
                   space, from the human soul, from the reflection
                   of sun on water, from the stars, from clouds...".

                                                                        Ivan Yefremov

Eyes that see eons
surf the slow-moving
swells of mountains
thick with fleets of evergreen
marking years and seasons.

In dark valleys below
a mankind of coal,
of steel and steam,
of oil and gasoline,
dreaming electric lights
as stars to the moon.

Have you passed through
Wyoming under water?

Did you see the fishes in the air?

The sharks and coelacanths and water dinosaurs
gliding through the haze like ships of the main?

Did you see the crabs and lobsters?

The anemones and hydras?

As you rowed over the asphalt
in your bathysphere did you see
the trilobites?

E. A. Costa 23 August, 2015 Granada, Nicaragua

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i saw them