Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Voices

                                 "All this while Tashtego, Daggoo,
                                 and Queequeg had looked on with
                                 even more intense interest and surprise
                                 than the rest..."
                                                                  Herman Melville

Two voices
with no choice
converse and the reverse
becoming two who never existed:

And the one says to the other:
Which step would you like to be,
first or last?

And other says to the one:
In the beginning as in the end--
you have both.

And one says: I am Ahab.

And other says: One sees it from your tracks.

And one says: Are you mocking me as monomaniac?

And other says: You mock yourself as a prowler at sea
walking little and hopping much.

And one says: Steel then moves you naught?

And other says: Why would it interest? It will end
at the bottom of the sea with everything and everyone else.
What interest to a whale or a whale's belly either?

And one says: You speak then? You are no dumb beast
but cunning.

And other says: Only to deny.

And one says: A fiendish beast, therefore, demonic and apophatic.

And other says: What profit, Captain, of revenge—what profit?

And one says: Your prophecy is of what, then--seeing all 
at the bottom of the sea? That is not another revenge?

And other says: Sea is sea. It is a prophecy of soft rains
and flying fish, of ocean and hard deserts flooded by sky.

And one says: A cunning beast and fiendish and claiming to be Noah?

Two voices
who have no choice
converse and are silent
becoming two who never existed.

E. A. Costa 31 August, 2015 Granada, Nicaragua

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